When you Harness the unlimited power of your mind, you can make the impossible, possible.

For the first time in Australia, Think & Grow Rich Institute – in association with the Napoleon Hill Foundation – is presenting interactive workshops to teach the Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

Think and Grow Rich has created more millionaires than any other program in the world. This timeless and proven system has changed lives of millions and it can change yours too – if you let it.

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About Think and Grow Rich Institute

“Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve”

Think & Grow Rich Institute is committed to creating a radical shift in the way people think about what is possible in their lives; ultimately leading to a transformation that brings increased prosperity, happiness and harmony to the world.

We are the only organization in Australia certified to teach the principles of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy. Our workshops are delivered in a meaningful way that touches every person who goes through our programs on a deep and emotional level, leading to lifelong change and fulfillment.

Think & Grow Rich Institute believes that when individuals are able to harness the power of their minds and given the tools they need to succeed, their actions and behaviour will not only lead to their own happiness, but will inspire and enrich the lives of others – creating a world where success is within everyone’s grasp.

Think and Grow Rich Institute Workshops

Our workshops are designed to give each participant the most in-depth, comprehensive understanding of each of the core principles outlined in the Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

Our interactive format allows the Think and Grow Rich philosophy and core principles to come alive in a meaningful and deeply personal experience. Every concept is thoroughly discussed until you can see how it applies to your personal goals and unique circumstances. Exercises, discussions, real-life examples and homework culminate in an action plan that acts as a roadmap for ongoing, lasting success.

The program is offered in a series of 3 days, each level focused on specific concepts and outcomes that together deliver the complete Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

Day 1

In day 1, participants receive an introduction to some of the key principles of the philosophy, including a focus on how negative thoughts and past experiences can impact your self-confidence and self-image. The workshop will review the techniques and strategies to overcome obstacles to stop hindering your own success, and touch on the some of the positive habits that can lead to a life of increased earnings and wealth.

This phase of learning Think and Grow Rich will not just change what you think, but it will literally change the way you think. You will break away from the thoughts of poverty, misery, failure and defeat. It is a new starting point of living life on your own terms.

What You Will Learn

  • How to close the doors to your past and start fresh
  • How to develop a strong Self-image
  • How you can change your circumstances and environment
  • The Eight Mental Laws that govern your life
  • Why you have no grounds whatsoever for fearing poverty
  • The amazing five-point confidence formula that will guarantee you unbreakable self-confidence
  • How to harness the Power of your Mind
  • How to develop your ASR (Auto Success Reflex)
  • How to start from scratch and build a fortune
  • The self-confidence formula
Day 2

In day 2, we will explore how qualities such as enthusiasm and imagination can open the door to success. Discussions will include the qualities of great leaders and how to use your personality to bring the right forces into your life.

These sessions will teach you to stretch the limits of your ability to believe in yourself. You will begin to understand that you are very close to becoming master of your fate and captain of your soul.

What You Will Learn

  • How to multiply your mind power
  • Your six basic fears and how you can extinguish them from your life for good
  • The law of mental telepathy and how you can use it to your advantage
  • How to recognize and create opportunities
  • How to banish procrastination
  • The two laws of your heredity and how they affect your confidence
  • The secret of establishing an outstanding reputation
  • The truth about becoming an indispensable person
  • Overcome the ten basic weaknesses that block your success
  • The truth about your education and why it makes no difference to your success
Day 3

In day 3, you will be guided to greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life – Financial, Personal, Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional. You will learn to create a vision and develop a Master Plan that will lead you to peace of mind, health, and financial security. Also, you will learn the practical steps you must take in order to act in accordance with your beliefs.

What You Will Learn

  • How to build high self-esteem
  • How you can overcome adversity and defeat
  • The way to convert enemies into friends
  • The hidden force inside you that, once unleashed, will give you unlimited belief in your abilities
  • The deadly enemy of your progress, which we guarantee you are feeling right now
  • The steps to develop a positive mental attitude
  • Avoiding the disaster of negative thinking
  • How to attract the right People into your life
  • How to be rich and have peace of mind
  • How to rewrite your destiny

What People are
Saying About
Think and Grow Rich

  • I’m amazed at how much I learned from this course. I’ve read the book dozens of times and through my reading I thought I had developed the value of the knowledge provided; I was mistaken. All these years reading the book and I now finally understand the “secrets” within the text that Napoleon Hill wrote.

  • I think this course was absolutely amazing. I related so much to what was mentioned that I’m actually astonished. I hope to bring this philosophy into my community to help others adopt this information into their own lives. Thanks for everything. Much appreciated.

  • The principles of Think and Grow Rich have inspired me to live every aspect of my life in accordance with Napoleon Hill’s prestigious philosophy. It has enlightened me spiritually in all aspects of my life as I pursue happiness and success to attain my future goals and desires. This course helped me shape my future for the best!


Upcoming Workshop Dates

March 25th – March 27th:
Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Learn From The World’s Leading
Think and Grow Rich


Satish Verma

President of Think and Grow Rich Institute and Winner of the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award

Satish Verma discovered the transformational power of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy when he was confronted with both personal and professional adversity. Facing the potential collapse of his business and the need to provide for his family, he turned to Napoleon Hill’s famous book for inspiration. The results were life-changing: simply by shifting his thoughts and perceptions based on the core principles of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy, he went on to develop a new and prosperous business from scratch while simultaneously improving every other aspect of his life.

He has since made it his life’s mission to uplift people from the chains of poverty, failure and their limited beliefs, by spreading the powerful Think and Grow Rich philosophy. His ideal world is one where the impossible is possible, and every individual has the opportunity to achieve their dreams, using the power they already have within.

Satish has been honoured with the prestigious Gold Medal award, given only once every four years by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to an individual who demonstrates excellence in the area of personal development. He is also featured in the Hollywood docudrama “Think and Grow Rich – The Legacy.”

Driven by his passion to bring more happiness, prosperity and harmony into the world, Satish leads the institute in striving to reach as many people as possible, in every corner of the world, with the same life-changing philosophy that changed his own mind and his life.


Ushma Dhanak

Director, Think & Grow Rich Institute Australia

Ush started her career as a lawyer in London, before moving to Sydney around 13 years ago. Ush left the corporate world, to make her passion project come to life, and begin her coaching career. Ush specialises in Emotional Intelligence and has clients across the globe. In 2018 Ush was named as a Top 100 Global Coach across entries from over 130 countries.

Ush has always had a copy of Think and Grow Rich near her, and something she delved into regularly. One principle that Ush believed in is Desire. Not a hope, not a wish, but a definite desire with no retreats. It is this desire that has led Ush to become CEO of Think and Grow Rich in Australia and NZ. Ush is now fulfilling her passion of spreading knowledge around the importance of self awareness and Emotional Intelligence, with the extra foundation of Think and Grow Rich, to help take you on a journey that you will never forget.

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March 25th – March 27th:
Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

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